Double Down & Dirty

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Jade Bordeaux escaped her Southern Baptist family and moved to New York because they would never respect the choices she made or the secret she kept. The Big Apple and her new modeling career proved to be more adventurous than her life in Baton Rouge. Excitement flowed through everything from the towering landscapes, wonderful opportunities, and especially in the form of handsome CEO Sean Wright. Dating him takes an unfortunate turn when his sister’s dance to the rhythm of revenge becomes a tune she’s hell-bent on sharing with her family and the people they love.


In a matter of weeks, Jade’s life takes an uncertain and dangerous turn. Nothing prepared her for the call which stirs emotions Jade thought she’d buried. The former Governor of Louisiana has denied her existence since birth and now makes a life-altering request that fills Jade with resentment. Jade built her success and happiness by making hard choices, even ones that cause heartbreak. Unfortunately, she never imagined that any of those choices could lead to the death of someone she loves.


Jade soon learns in the game of life, sometimes playing Double Down and Dirty is the only way to win.

Dirty Little Secrets II: Expect the Unexpected

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Mark and Holly James feel their marriage has endured the worst. They’ve overcome infidelity and the looming question of their daughter’s paternity. Life is almost back to normal, until jealousy rears its ugly head, and someone they least expect decides it’s time to once again turn their worlds upside down. Their bond may be strong, but can it handle the unexpected?

Dirty Little Secrets

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What happens when life as you know it gets a little dirty?


School teacher Holly James thinks she's living the life of her dreams. All of that changes once her husband Mark reveals a secret that rocks her world. In an effort to escape, Holly goes away to clear her mind and try to find her way back to her husband. Holly planned on returning home with a new outlook on life, what she didn't plan was to return with a secret of her own. Order now to find out if Holly and Mark's marriage can handle the Dirty Little Secrets?

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